Atome Studio #4

Don’t Leave Your Fire


I’ve got this fire
hope it never fades
but I can’t feel the warmth
I can only see the shades
it draws on me

I’ve got this tear stuck in my eye
long face meant for funerals
and a growing shade

I’ve got melodies in my mind
That I can’t access all the time
I hope they’ll never fade

Don’t leave your fire unattended

I’ve got this picture I can’t draw
seeds that I never saw
for I don’t want them to end

Time passing seems so mean
clocks are only just obscene
yet heavy falls the grain of sand

I’ve got this fear stuck in my mind
and I keep waiting for the signs
And it’s still just about to change

And if you don’t want it to fade
Or don’t want anything to change
shedding light on all your selves
Don’t leave your fire unattended