Police came looking fo the Daydreamer
he just has pretended to be a feather
Whose place would be
where the wind would have taken him
just ‘cause he was as light as thin

They caged his body but they couldn’t reach his mind
looked for it in many thoughts of many kind
Passed through forests by the ways of doubts
many time seen, never found.

They dug, the mines of wisdom
Passed trough the wishes kingdom
buried their souls in the memories cemetery
understood what a feather could embody
It’s strange to see how their way home
felt much longer ‘cause walked alone
they were so lost in their own though
they had forgotten the convinced fault

They just had lost their commun purpose,
were together didn’t know the cause
a feather fell telling them why
humans are together until their little fly.
To the ground, I’m back.
Starting to look like a piece of crap
which I hope will rise a beautiful tree
I hope it’s feathers will feel
As free as me.

To put an end to a sad song
couldn’t we just say how we’re wrong
caging all the day dreamers
forgetting that we’re all feathers.