Atome Studio #1

Don’t Come Around


Tell me you’ve never grown
Yet never stopped changing.
The the path that we were on
Kept on turning like
The ghost of our fears
We’ve just enough breath not to come near
And shiver in the dark.

Remember we played hide and seek
With feelings of which you don’t speak
And I took pride
In loosing all the time
Like you were strong
And I was so weak
I never hated my defeats
Sometimes I do by now

Don’t come around.

I find my comfort in
Memories of your eyes
Those things that you saw
Yet never seen
Growing tall yet evergreen
At list I hope for now
Life gets better with regrets
Yet gives a bitter sense of taste
Even when faith is sweet
It puts you to the test
So If I ever leave the nest
Please if I do, do be my guest
The very first of my thoughts
To be given a rest

Don’t Come Around.